RS Aero

The time has come to move on from the Laser and there are two great alternatives, the RS Aero and the Wasp.

For those wanting to fly and go fast the Wasp looks ideal. Half the price of a new foiling Moth. You will need lots of boat handling skills, they are not for beginners.

The RS Aero is ideal for those wanting a manageable weekend race at their local club.

More stable than a Laser and faster, light weight, so easy to move around and put up in club racks. All the fun of close racing that comes with a nimble single handed dinghy.  Same price as a new Laser.

The Aero is billed as the 21st Century Laser, the boats have similar length and beam. Like the Laser the Aero has three rigs 9,7 and 5.

The RS Aero specifications can be found here.

There are number of Face Book pages supporting Aero sailors.

RS Aero Sydney
RS Aero Australia
RS Aero 

In Sydney, Australia, the Balmoral Sailing Club is a strong supporter of the Aero class with 11 boats.

RS Aero Class Association Australia has a full list of RS Aero clubs in Australia.

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