My Moth circa 1969
In April 2012 at age 60, I bought my first Laser. The plan to start racing on Sydney harbour in Spring 2012 and compete in a 100 race days before the age of 65. I last raced a dinghy in 1970.

Having never raced a Laser I set about learning how to sail the boat using articles and instructional videos found on line. I joined a great Laser club and had some excellent on the water coaching along the way.

Over the last 5 years sailed a Laser two to three times a week averaging 110 sails a year,  roughly 1,500 hours on the water.  I have owned three Lasers, upgrading each time and achieved my 100 races.

My last Laser, which I bought new, has now been sold. The Laser was never my first choice of sailing boat it was just the only viable single handed dinghy available at the time.

In late 2016 I bought a brand new RS Aero 7. It is a wonderful boat and a joy to sail.

This blog is now going to look at the question:

"Why buy a 1970's design when you can sail a well designed modern boat"

RS Aeros at Balmoral SC Jan 2017
Now we have a real choice. No longer do we have to sail a heavy badly designed boat.

Here in Sydney Australia we have two choices.

  • the 30kg modern design RS Aero, the Laser replacement,  and 
  • the ultra light and fast foiling Waszp.


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