Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sydney Marine Park

The waters around Sydney are world renowned for their natural beauty, serving to draw millions of tourists to the city and supporting a multitude of industries. For over 200 years our state has benefited from the riches our marine environment provides. But decades of overfishing and pollution have caused fish populations to plummet, and even led to the extinction of some species.
Despite this, Sydney Harbour is still home to over 600 species of fish; more than the United Kingdom or the whole of the Mediterranean Sea. Iconic species, such as Green Sea Turtles, Fairy Penguins, Weedy Sea Dragons and Humpback Whales all grace our waters. Not only is Sydney Harbour listed as one of just 16 national landscape icons, it already has areas of land protected as national park. All that is missing is protection of our fragile and unique marine environment. Our government can ensure this happens by declaring a new marine park for Sydney. Together we can preserve our iconic waters for everyone to enjoy, now and in the future. Click here to show your support for a Sydney Marine Park today!