Friday, January 18, 2013

Too Hot To Sail - The Planet Is Warming so is Australia

Yesterday Sydney broke the hottest day record with a top temperature of 45.8 degrees Celsius (114.4 F).  For those of us acclimatised to the mild temperatures of sub tropical Sydney, it was far too hot to be on a Laser.

On Monday and Tuesday last week  the Australian-averaged maximum daily temperature rose to over 40°C. Monday’s temperature of 40.33°C set a new record, beating the previous highest Australian daily maximum of 40.17°C set in 1972.

This is according to the Australian  Bureau of Meteorology which recently published an article in the on-line publication  The Conversation.

They say it is just not an Australian phenomenon, the summer just gone in the US was the warmest on record, with extreme heat records broken at a rate never previously seen before. Studies here and overseas are now showing that many of the recent extreme summer heat events around the world — such as the European heat wave of 2003, the Russian heat wave of 2010, and US heat waves during 2011 and 2012 — would have been very, very unlikely without the influence of global warming.

Read the full article at The Conversation”


  1. And yet there are still people who are in denial about this.

    1. It is a sad fact that while Australia generates about 1.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions we on a per capita basis are one of the world's largest polluters.

      Only a few countries in the world rank higher—Bahrain, Bolivia, Brunei, Kuwait and Qatar. Australia’s per capita emissions are nearly twice the average levels and more than four times the world average states the organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

  2. Hi Nick, I've just been browsing through your excellent collection of sailing tips and advice under the tabs at the top of your blog. I noticed that in several places you attributed material from my blog to Dick Tillman. I don't mind you using anything from my blog, but I am NOT Dick Tillman. He is way more accomplished than I am as a Laser sailor.

    I didn't think that when I chose the pseudonym Tillerman that it might cause this confusion. You are not the first person to make this mistake. In fairness to the real Dick Tillman I think you ought to take his name off any of the insane ramblings that are really mine.


    NOT Dick Tillman

    1. Hi Tillerman,

      My bad, I will tidy things up ASAP.


  3. Dunno what's worse; Too hot or too cold. Whatever it is, unsailable is bad. Currently - in Scandinavia - it's way too cold. Brrrr. Beautiful idea this: Using a blog as a notepad for collecting sailing notes, but how do you feel about the Laser? Isn't it a step back when coming from a Moth, - even an ancient Moth?

  4. The Laser is much better boat to sail than a 1960's moth. The extra length 14ft vs 11 ft and skiff vs scow makes it better upwind and less chance of nose diving down wind. Mind you I seem to capsize more than I used to. It has taken a bit of time to change the instinct to lean the boat, which is what you had to do with the moth to get it through waves upwind.