Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of Year Report

I started this blog in 2012 as an easy way of storing and retrieving web based stuff about how to sail a Laser. I left the blog settings on public because I knew no better. Anyway, there were no visitors other than some weird web trawlers from strange parts of the world. I made some early posts and for a while kept a diary in one of the tabs. The collection grew, albeit randomly, being mostly web based material. Then the Tillerman kindly put me on his blog roll and there are now a modest 1000 hits a month. So I have have to keep the blog tidy and think about a post every now and then.

The back story is that at age 60 I decided to take up single person dinghy sailing after a 40 year break. But this is not a new thing, all over the world baby boomers are finding ways to keep active and rediscover interests. So there is no point banging on about it .

Here is an end of year report on 100 Races attempts to learn how to sail a laser. I am adopting Wikipedia’s ‘Minimum Information Standards and Reporting Guidelines’.

It has been 9 months since I purchased Laser 176894  a lifestyle changing event.

race days - 12
regattas - 1
failed to finish - once
failed to start - twice
races won - 1
usual fleet position mid to rear
practice days  - 64
weight loss - 6 kilos
club handicap - 5 minutes on club champions

Good Times
camping in the Budgewoi caravan park for the Coast regatta.
first over the line on club fun race mini marathon around the harbour
watching the AUS sailing team train out of Middle Harbour
being able to sail my Laser all year round
weight loss - 6 kilos

Funny Events
breaking a mast and walking the boat home along rocky shore line
heading out in 25 knots checking out the start line and heading straight back to the club (twice)

Looking forward to
14 remaining race days this season
masters regatta in February

Thanks to
my club for the regular training sessions by Rob and Sean, the well organised race days and the encouraging  environment.

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